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We have all at some point in our life prayed for God to take away a certain problem in our life, because we felt overwhelmed and didn't know how to get out of it. But here's the issue, Say if You were a car maker, Would you build a car, invest a lot of money and effort into it and just keep in your Garage without ever driving it or anyone ever seeing your wonderful creation?? How would you even know if it works or not? How would you know what it is capable of or how fast it can go? You see, God has invested so much in you and it just wouldn't make sense for him to just keep you in the Garage, untested and untried. So he allows trails and tribulations to come our way to show us, the devil and the world what we are capable of and to show you and the world how strong, able, wise and resilient he has made You. After God blessed Job so much the devil went to God and was like "Job is only faithful to you because you blessed him so much", what the devil was trying to imply was that Job was perfect because God kept him inside the Garage, He hasn't allowed him (the devil) to take Job for a test drive. Job is strong because he's only been lifting light weights, he's smart because he's only been solving little problems, So God obviously knowing that Job will be able to handle anything the devil may throw at him, gave the devil the permission to put job to test and just like God thought, Job passed every single one of the devils trials. What you need when you are in the middle of a challenge, a problem, a trial or a temptation is to look for knowledge and pray for wisdom. Like the bible says "My people perish for lack of knowledge". Everything is difficult to do until you have knowledge, as simple as walking and talking is it can be very difficult for a child who has never done it until they learn. We are instructed by the word of God to "Study to show ourselves approved" It is so easy to look at your circumstances and say what you are going through is the worst thing that anyone has ever been through, and no one understands what it feels like etc. But the fact is, it's only the worst thing YOU have ever been through, Which means that God is telling you that you are stronger, wiser, smarter and more mature than you thought you were. And if it is a reoccurring "problem" then it means you keep failing to learn what you are suppose to learn. I say "problem" because after you learn, it becomes a minor issue. Have you ever got lost trying to get to a place, and felt frustrated, angry, lost and desperate until you found it. Then felt relieved? The next time you went back to the place it was no longer a problem but a journey you had to make. Look at how far you have come. Did you even know you could go through what you have been through and still be alive with your mind intact?? You need to stop complaining and start thanking God for investing this much in You.

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