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I have always had a passion for music but never took my own music too seriously until 2012 when I decided to try and pursue it to the next level and enter the music business full time.  I started by organising my own concert to launch my album "If It Had Not Been". After the launch I was Fortunate enough to have the opportunity to perform in some high profile gigs.   Unfortunately everything changed on the 1st October 2012 - seven days before my birthday - I fell ill.  My health quickly deteriorated and I became so ill I couldn't walk, then breathing became harder and harder. Soon every time I tried to speak or walk I would cough violently.   In January 2013 after seeing seven doctors, repeated visits to the A&E and with no diagnosis I was admitted to Croydon University Hospital. The same week I wrote on my Facebook wall that I was quitting music.  Fortunatly my wife saw it and immediately deleted it without my knowledge until some days later. I had decided to quit because until my decision to take my music ministry seriously I was fine.  My life was absolutely perfect.  I had a wonderful family; no money worries and my business was successful. So what was the point of doing this if it was going to cost me my health?


After going through so much pain and heartache in 2014 i managed to release an album, which I had decided to achieve to make myself feel better.


This year I have decided to prayerfully go fully on into my Music Ministry - this time prayerfully. I made this decision because with the illness and all the challenges I have faced in the last couple of years it has taught me that I am actually important, valuable and relevant to the Kingdom of God. The devil's’ efforts have shown me that I'm a threat to him, so now I am coming even stronger bigger better and with all the hosts of heaven... So HERE I AM with my 4th Album which is soon to be released!!!


I want to say that whatever you are undertaking for God don't let the devil’s attempt to silence you, keep you down, knock you out  - prevail. At the same time wisdom is called for.... Don't go into anything without prayer. Let God be ahead of you and the centre of everything you decide to do.  You will succeed with Jesus on your side.

Please show some support, comment and share.


Thank you and I love you


Frankynero  x


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